Welcome to Ants Online Lifestyle.

I’m Ant and you must be here because you too want to escape the mundane 9-5, pay cheque to pay cheque lifestyle.  Well I have good news!

This website is designed to give you an insight about working online so you can be earning an income while sitting on a beach.  Sounds good right??

I will show you how you can earn an income working online and that can be from anywhere with wifi.  Whether you have an idea and want to create your very own online store, marketing your current business correctly, Dropshipping or selling someone else’s product/service and earning a commission.

Anyone can do this.

How it Works

Join Us

It's simple, you can join as a member of change with memberships starting from as little as £29.00, choose the membership that is right for you and if you are unsure just get in touch, I will be happy to help.


Once a member you can start your training, (Check out the FREE training at the bottom of this page) which you can do around your daytime job, we suggest an hour a night but the quicker you complete the training the quicker you can start putting what you learn into practice, Remember, take notes!.

Take action

Once completed you can then choose how you want to proceed. Whether you want to start up an online business, try your hand at webdesign, implement the steps learnt to boost you business or sell someone else's product/service. The choice is yours and you will be ahead of everyone that does not take action.

Why join me?

I was living the 9-5 life like most, driving an hour a day to work, living payday to payday, having to always say “oh I can’t afford to..” when asked if I wanted go somewhere or do something. Well enough was enough. I knew I had to do something to change my life and the lives of the ones most important to me. I was sceptical at first but If you do the work, an hour a night, follow the system and you will reep the benefits. Best decision I've ever made!

Myself and the team at Change are here to support you 110%. 

Are you ready?

Still not convinced? Remember if you don't change something, nothing will change. Step out of your comfort zone and take that step to a more enjoyable, fulfilling life, you wont regret it!


Now Im sure your thinking, is this for me? In short YES, anyone can work online but feel free to check out our frequently asked questions.


Here you can read what our current members have to say, and read how learning all we have to teach you has changed their lives.